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Numbered My Way

Numbered My Way

Ever give a presentation that involved a couple of different PowerPoint files? Was it confusing to have the slide numbers of all the different files start over at 1? Looking for a quick fix to avoid duplicates? No, I’m not proposing something so drastic as to merge the two presentations together; it’s just a quick adjustment to the slide numbering!

To alter the number of the first slide in a presentation, you need to go to the Page Setup dialogue window.

In older versions of PowerPoint, the Page Setup is found under the File menu.

In PowerPoint 2007, you can find it on the Design ribbon.

In any case, when the Page Setup window opens, take a look in the bottom left corner.

See the Number Slides From field? That’s where you’ll enter the number you want for the first slide in the presentation and then click OK.

There you have it. A quick fix to your duplicate number dilemma!

~ April