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Nyiragongo Crater: Journey to the Center of the Earth

You know I love to travel from my computer chair, and this site provides a visual journey that you will not want to miss! You will travel to the lava lake at Nyiragonga Crater – the world’s largest lava lake at 282 million cubic feet – all from the safety of your desk.

These photos are from the June 2010 trip by a courageous group of scientists who were willing to risk their lives to get as close as they could to the lake’s surface to collect data and footage. The result of their hard work and determination is this photoset. It will blow you away!

To navigate the site I suggest that you set your browser to its full screen setting, and then scroll down the page. I was in utter awe at the images of the lava. There are twenty-eight images total in this photo set, and most of them are captioned with details of the scientist’s journey to the center of the crater to walk on the shores of this lava lake.

My favorite image in the set is number twenty-seven; the way that light has turned the gas surrounding the lava a purple hue is spectacularly beautiful.  I hope that you’ll find yourself in as much as awe as I did when you check out this site!