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NYPL Digital Gallery

NYPL Digital Gallery [1]

Here you’ll find access to over 700,000 images that have been digitized and placed online in this database so people can browse them easily. You’ll find maps, posters, prints, manuscripts, and more for your viewing pleasure.

I started my visit by checking out the Digital Gallery Picks. Just use the arrows to scroll through them and when you’d like to see an image at full size, click it. I liked the images they had selected to feature.

Your next option for navigation is to use the categories listed under Browse. They’ve divided things up nicely, so that you can find things that will interest you.

If you know what sorts of images you’re looking for, use the Search field just above the Browse categories. Type in your keyword, and click the green arrow to start your search.

And now a warning! It can be quite addictive to browse through the different subjects of images, so I don’t recommend you start this at work. I sat down to write my review and got lost in looking at the different images for two hours. This is a massive collection so it can be quite the time waster!

http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital/index.cfm [1]