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O! Market for Windows Phones

There are over 50,000 apps for Windows Phones, compared to hundreds of thousands of iPhone and Android apps. However, quantity doesn’t imply quality, and sifting through thousands of apps is quite an uphill task. Now, how are you going to sift through thousands of apps? Here is where it’s an advantage that Windows phone apps are fewer to deal with.

…but then again, sifting through 50,000 apps can also be quite a task.

But not to worry – there’s O! Market [1]. It only lists 1000 of the best and most popular apps on its platform, and lets you download them directly from the Windows Marketplace. Want to be constantly in the loop for new and popular apps? No problem. This app-finder will do that for you in a jiffy, with neat categories like ‘What’s new’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Featured’.

If you are not sure, you can read the reviews left by those who have downloaded it before, or leave your own review for others to read later. 

And there’s more. It also works like the iPhone App Store, and updates you about firmware versions of the apps downloaded on your Windows phone.

Plus it’s free! Can you ask for anything better?

Give it a look today, Windows Phone users!

~Zahid H Javali