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Object Dock

I’m sure that many of you use the quick launch bar that comes with windows. It’s the little part of your task bar that you can use to launch programs that you use all of the time and it definately comes in handy.

For me, the quick launch bar is just too small. As a matter of fact, I would like it if my quick launch had larger icons and stretched across my entire screen! Just think about it for a second… If you could have a bar that had all of the main programs, folders and utilities you use, you wouldn’t need to clutter up your desktop and there would be less need to hunt around in the start menu, right?

Well, Today’s free download has all of those features and more. Today’s program is called Object Dock and it will allow you to do everything I described above, plus a couple extra goodies. My favorite “extra” is the weather feature. It tells me the weather in an easy to read format right on my object dock. Here is what it looks like:


As you can see, it automatically adds dock items like “my documents”, “my computer”, “date”, “weather” and “internet”. If you want to add something else, just drag it on and you are set. I love this program!

If you want to check out Object Dock, you can get it by clicking here.