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Ocean Portal

Ocean Portal [1]

I adore Smithsonian web sites, because they always catch my attention right away. And this one certainly didn’t let me down. If you just scroll through the featured articles with the arrows on either side of the screen, you’ll see what I mean! There are featured articles on: a pirate who collected plants, sonar effects on sea life, and mystery of the whale fish – just to name a few.

You have several different options for navigation. You can use the featured articles as I described previously, or you can use the tabs above that area: Ocean Life & Ecosystems, Photo Essays, The Ocean Over Time, Ocean Science, and The Ocean & You.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you to dive in – you can also scroll down the main page and access: Fresh from the Blog, Spotlight on Science, Today’s Catch, Ocean Newsroom and Ocean Tweets, and an awesome For Educators section.

It’s time for you to check this site out and discover all the interesting information about the ocean today!

http://ocean.si.edu/ [1]