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OE Account Names

OE Account Names

Do you use Outlook Express as your main e-mail program? If so, how many accounts do you have set up? Maybe you have one for yourself, one for your spouse and a couple others for your children. We have a similar setup for our e-mail accounts here at the WorldStart office. We all need to have our own e-mail address, because it just wouldn’t make sense for all of us to use the same one. Okay, so what am I getting at? Well, keep reading and you’ll find out!

With all the accounts you have set up, have you ever needed to change the name on one of them? You know, maybe two of your children needed to switch accounts or maybe you just felt like changing your account name to something a little more fun. We’ve had to do that many times here in the office. For instance, when new employees are hired in and others leave, we have to change the account names so that the e-mails will come from the right person. So, if you need to do this too, how can you? Well, it’s really simple. Just follow along with me!

In Outlook Express, go to Tools, Accounts. There you will see a list of all the OE accounts you have on your computer. Highlight the name you want to change and then click on the Properties button. A new dialogue box will then open and you can type in the name change. You’ll want to do that in the very first box you see, as well as, under the User Information section. You’ll also want to change the e-mail address to fit the one the new person uses. Just delete the old information out and type in the new. It’s that easy! When you’re all finished, click OK and then Close. So, from now on, all your accounts will be updated with the right information and all your e-mails will be correct again. I’m lovin’ it, aren’t you?!

~ Erin