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Office SmartArt Works in 2010 and 2007

As I was perusing my Office 2010 SmartArt gallery I noticed that there were quite a few new designs which got me to thinking…

When we create SmartArt and then save the file to use in Office 2003 or earlier it becomes a static picture in the file. No more editing – what you saved it as is what you’re stuck with until you can get back to a version of MS Office that actually creates SmartArt.

So my natural thought process is what happens when you create a new SmartArt in Office 2010 and then need to work on in it Office 2007?

I’m happy to report these results :)


While this isn’t necessarily earth shattering news it’s a great discovery since I have two computers at home – one with Office 2007 and one with Office 2010 – and then at work I have Office 2010.

Makes it really nice to know that I can create things at home or work and then still edit it in the other location… very good news since when school’s in session I have tons of after hours work and this allows me to go home and work there too!

~ April