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Oh, You Didn’t Want the Table Column Full of Formulas?

Oh, You Didn’t Want the Table Column Full of Formulas?

If you worked through yesterday’s tip about MS Excel 2007 tables, you know that entering a formula into a single cell will cause Excel to fill the table’s entire column with the formula.

It’s handy if that’s what you intended, but what if it’s not what you want?

Is there a way to undo Excel’s automatic column fill?

You bet!

As Excel fills the column with your formula, you’ll find that it also displays the AutoCorrect Options button.

If you click on that button, you’ll find that you have a few choices regarding the column fill Excel just completed.

Undo Calculated Column will remove all formulas from the column, except the one you actually placed in the cell.

Stop Automatically Creating Calculated Columns will actually change the AutoCorrect options so that Excel will no longer fill the column when you enter in a formula.

So, for a once in awhile change, choose Undo, but for a change to Excel’s behavior, choose Stop.

If you choose the Stop option and then change your mind, you can turn the table column filling back on through the Excel Options dialogue window.

To get there, use the Office Button, Excel Options button, Proofing section, AutoCorrect Options button.

Under the AutoFormat As You Type tab, recheck the “Fill formulas in tables to create calculated columns” checkbox and then click OK.

There you have it. Now, your only question is to “fill” or not to “fill” the column!

~ April