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Ohio Barns

Ohio Barns [1]

I know what you’re thinking, what’s this crazy girl doing bringing us a site on barns in Ohio? Well because they are really neat barns, and it’s not only barns-there are old gas stations, artistic tanks, murals, buildings, light houses, and much, much more.

The four main sections are: Ohio Bicentennial Barns, Mail Pouch Barns, Round Barns and Covered Bridges. Of the four I loved the Round Barns the best because when you think barn you don’t usually include round in that thought and they were fairly interesting.

Beneath the four main sections are “Interesting Barns”, and “Other Sites”.

Interesting Barns – Under this title there are a lot of different options for you to view barns. Your options are: Advertising, Artistic, Design, No Category, Patriotic, Photogenic, Quilt, Religious Themes, Rock City, Roof Art & Design, Roof Dated, Smile & Face, Soft Drink and Sports. Now this is where the barns get really interesting, not to mention that they are also from all over the country.

Other Sites – Here’s where all the extras are that I was talking about earlier-the tanks, murals, light houses, old gas stations and what not. I love the artistic tanks and the old gas stations sites. They rock!

So enjoy this trip across the countryside to look at barns all around America, especially Ohio, and don’t forget the extras!

http://www.ohiobarns.com/ [1]