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Old Hotmail: Gone for Good?

Old Hotmail: Gone for Good?

Are you an avid Hotmail user? If so, you’ve probably been pulled in to using the new Windows Live version of it, haven’t you? It’s already happened to most of us and if you haven’t been affected yet, you probably will be soon. Unfortunately, it seems as if this new version has taken over the whole Hotmail e-mail program and from what I can tell from some of the e-mails I’ve gotten from you readers, you’re not happy about it. I must say that I’m a Hotmail user as well and I’m not too thrilled with the changes either. But, before we get all bent out of shape, let’s go over some of the options you do have. OK? OK!

Awhile back, when the idea of Windows Live was just “in the works,” we had the choice of either trying the new version out or we could switch back to the old MSN Hotmail style. And up until just a few days ago, I was under the impression that we could still do that, but that’s just not the case any longer. I hate the be the bearer of bad news, but it looks as if now we can only choose between a full or classic version of Windows Live. There is no longer any way you can switch back to the regular style you know and love. I promise, I searched and searched for a way to go back, but there’s just nothing we can do about it. I know, it’s upsetting!

Don’t be too sad though! If you take the time to get used to Windows Live, I think you’ll eventually start to like it and maybe even love it someday. Just try to embrace all the new features that come along with Windows Live Hotmail. For starters, you can read about most of them here. Also, don’t forget that Microsoft is always looking for feedback on this new version, so if you really don’t like something, tell them about it! But all in all, Windows Live really isn’t that bad. I’ve already found some things in it that I really like and I think you will too. Don’t give up on your Hotmail account, just learn to love your new one. Even though it may seem like it, it’s not the end of the world!

~ Erin