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Old Sturbridge Village

Old Sturbridge Village [1]

Welcome to Old Sturbridge Village where you can explore what life was like in early New England. The “Special Features” section of this site includes The Critter Corner, The Tavern at OSV, The Online Quilt Exhibit, Panoramic Images, and Heirloom Gardening. These features are why we are all here today.

The Critter Corner — This is the online section where the new arrivals, also known as babies, are displayed on the site. Whether it’s a pig or a chicken, or a cow, all new arrivals are logged in here. You also can learn about the New England Heritage Breeds Conservancy of Pittsfield, Mass. They are conserving rare breeds of average animals indigenous to the area.

The Tavern — This is a modern adaptation of an 1830’s tavern, with all the amenities that we enjoy. Plus you can learn all about how people ate, drank, and socialized in the early 1800’s. Did you know that New Englander’s conveyed food to their mouth with a broad knife and not a fork? I sure didn’t and that’s just one of the interesting facts you’ll learn here.

The Online Quilt Exhibit — In this section you will not only see a lot of beautiful quilts but you will also learn all about them, and the evolution from quilts to “comfortables” and back again. With beautiful pictures it’s hard not to look through the whole section just for the pictures. But the information to be found here is a collection of great knowledge.

Panoramic Images — Here you will find four panoramic images that you can check out: The Salem Towne House Ballroom, Common and Center Village, Countryside and Mill Neighborhood, Pottery and District School. Each image is wonderful—you just drag your mouse across the picture in the desired direction to change your view.

Heirloom Gardening — At Sturbridge Village you will also find Heirloom Gardening. From Herbs to Ornamental gardening there is a lot of information that you can use and take back to your own garden. Especially if you want grow monster pumpkins this summer. You should check it out.

Well that’s all from this Old Sturbridge Village.

http://www.osv.org/ [1]