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Older Versions

Who says newer is always better? Sometimes the older versions of programs just seem to work better. Maybe you finally got the hang of the old version when they totally revamp the interface of a new program. Maybe you liked the way things were laid out in the prior version of a particular program. Maybe the new version of some commonly used program has issues with your system or just seemed released too early, and it’s crawlin’ with bugs.

I believe a good example of this would be AOL 9. When it first came out there were some issues with it, people couldn’t get online and this problem wasn’t easy to fix. Would you want to be offline because your ISP prodded you to download a new version of a program that in my opinion had all sorts of issue that should have been more thoroughly tested before released into the wild? I know that even AOL was asking people that were having issues that could not easily be negotiated to go back to version 8 until things could be ironed out.

Older versions of programs can also be better to run on older systems. If you have an older PC being used in the house you can always keep the file size down and the CPU usage to a minimum using programs that were more geared towards these systems resources.

Whether you’re not happy with the new version of a program, or you need something to run on that old 98 box, then you may find this site accommodating. Older Versions is a website that offers downloads of older versions of some of the most popular programs. Older versions of AOL, CD Clone, DeadAIM, and a bunch of Media Players and all kinds of instant messengers. Go check it out you may find some useful downloads.


~ Chad