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On Read

Sometimes it is very hard to reconcile my inner geek with the fact that I am a bibliophile. I adore books, I collect books, and I devour books. I have shunned e-readers in favor of real books, but in my heart I know that books are going digital. My mom and sister are both crazy about their e-readers and are constantly asking me to find them new sites to scour for reading material. Thus, I bring you On Read.

What I love about On Read is that you don’t have to have an e-reader to read the books here. You can just read them for FREE online. If you do have an e-reader you can download them to read them on it (for a tiny subscription fee of $1.99, it was still worth it to me to share this site with you in spite of that). They also offer audio books!

On the main page of the site you’ll be greeted with Best Sellers, Hot Books, Last Books, Members, Top Users, and a News section. Along the top of the page you’ll find the navigation strip with the categories: Home, News, Top Books, Forum, Help, Sign Up, and Login.

If you’re looking for a particular book, author, or subject matter – you can use the Search engine. Make sure it is on the book tab if you want a book to read, or click the audio books tab to search for books to listen to.

There are two ways to register to use the site. Start by clicking Sign Up, and you’ll be presented with a registration form (provide your e-mail address, a nickname, and create a password) or the option to login using your Facebook or Google logins.

Once you’ve logged in you can save your progress through a book making it easy to come back to later, rate books that you’ve read, write reviews, and more!

If you run into any questions be sure to check out the Help section. They offer a Downloading Guide, a FAQ, and further support if you are still having problems.

Be sure to check out the Forum section of this site, if you can’t get help via the Help page – you might find great help here. You’ll also find conversations about the books on the site; get recommendations as to what you should read next, and more!

This is a great online book site. Check it out today!

http://www.onread.com/ [1]