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On the Move

On the Move

Let’s talk about e-mail alerts in MS Outlook 2003 and 2007, shall we?!

You know, the little guy that appears when you receive a new message:

If you’re interested in turning that alert feature off or making changes to its settings, be sure to check out a previous MS Office tip located in our archives here.

Today however, I’d like to address the location of the alert’s appearance on your computer screen.

By default, it appears down in the lower right hand corner of your screen, just above the taskbar. But what if that doesn’t work well for you?

What if you’re always missing it down in the corner and you’d rather have it appear in the middle of the screen? Or, maybe you prefer the upper center of the screen.

Whatever your preference, you can make it a reality!

First, you’ll need the Tools menu, Options choice.

Under the Preferences tab, you’re looking for the E-mail Options button.

In the E-mail Options dialogue window, you need the Advanced E-mail Options button.

Now, you need to locate the Desktop Alert Settings button in the middle of the Advanced E-mail Options dialogue window.

When the Desktop Alert Settings dialogue window opens, you need to click on the Preview button.

That will put a preview alert on your desktop.

Finally, you’re ready to relocate your alerts. Relocation is accomplished with a click-hold-and-drag of the top of the preview alert to another location on your screen.

When you’re happy with the location, release the mouse button and click OK until you’re out of the Outlook Options window.

Voila. E-mail alerts where they make the most sense to you!

~ April