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One Handed Cell Selections

One Handed Cell Selections

We all know that you can select non-adjacent cells in MS Excel by holding down the Control key and clicking in various locations on your worksheet.

But, do you ever find yourself frustrated, because you’re trying to highlight non-adjacent cells and the phone is ringing or you need to flip through papers?

What did you do?

Having a third hand would certainly be a good thing, but since you don’t have that option, I bet you had to let go of the Control key and suspend your highlighting work to jump to the other tasks. Am I right?

So, when you returned to your worksheet, did you forget to use the Control key and lose all the highlighting you had already selected?

More frustration!

Looking for a way to highlight without the whole two handed, hold a key and click thing?

Good, because that’s just the solution I have for you today!

Next time you have non-adjacent cells to highlight, hit Shift + F8 (release the keys) and then use the mouse to click, click and click some more.

Without holding down any keys, you can zip all around your worksheet and highlight whatever you desire.

When you’re ready to turn this feature off, simply hit either the Esc key or Shift + F8 again and you’re back to business as usual!

~ April