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One in 8 Million

One in 8 Million [1]

I found this site fascinating! In 2009, the New York Times focused on 54 people from New York City, from all walks of life. They recorded their stories and proved that New York City is a place filled with characters. Now you can browse the entire collection, and see for yourself that a person could really be one in 8 million.

You’ll need a flash player to view the videos – you can get one here [2] for free. Navigation is simple, click Browse Collection, and then you can use the slider to navigate through the videos.

I started with the first video, and worked my way through all of them, but you can use the slider to scroll through the videos and only watch the ones that catch your fancy. You’ll meet a sports fan, a doorman, a dancer, a mother, a grandfather, an uncertain gang member, a pathologist, and so many more people through these videos.

I hope you’ll check this out today! I really enjoy slice of life features that remind us we’re all human and all unique.

http://www.nytimes.com/packages/html/nyregion/1-in-8-million/index.html# [1]