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One Key Pasting In MS Word

One Key Pasting In MS Word

Ever find yourself continually pasting the same item over and over?

Tired of constantly needing the mouse or the Ctrl + V combination?

Wish you had a quick and easy one-key paste?

Well, you can – if you’re not to attached to the Insert key. (The key that toggles between new text overwriting old text and new text being inserted between old text.)

Want to know how?


Good. Then you’re reading the right issue.

To convert your Insert key to a Paste key you need to start with the Tools menu, Options choice.

Now go to the Edit tab.


You’re looking for the Use the INS key for paste option. Check this box..

Now click OK.

That’s it!

Now you’re the star of your own one-person, one-key pasting show!

~ April