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One Modify For All

Do you use MS Word Styles?

Ever get frustrated when you change a single paragraph with a specific style, forcing you to go and change the rest?

Or, maybe you go through and highlight them all with the Ctrl key and then make the change.

Either way, it takes too much time.

How about a method for making a change for one paragraph automatically appear in all paragraphs with the same style?

Yeah, sounded like a good idea to me too, so let’s take a look.

Obviously, you’ve got a document with styles applied opened. Now, highlight a paragraph with a style that needs to be changed.

Go to the Format menu, Styles and Formatting choice.

When the Styles and Formatting task pane opens, right click on the style name.

Choose Modify from the menu.

In the Modify Style window, check the Automatically Update choice.

Click OK.

Now, back in the document, if you make a change that affects an entire paragraph with that style, every paragraph in the document will be changed too.

Here’s a true case where one modification can equal many changes!

~ April