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One More on the Defrag

One More on the Defrag

Thanks to a very helpful reader, we have yet another tip on running a smoother defrag on your computer. Last week, we talked about changing some of your startup settings so the defrag could run without interruption.

While it’s a good idea to do all of that, an even easier procedure would be to change your screen saver settings. Most of you probably have a screen saver set on your computer to turn on about every 15 minutes or so. A screen saver is great and it’s a very cool thing to have on your monitor, but when you’re doing a defrag, it’s best to set the screen saver to come on after a longer period of time. If you are defragging and your screen saver comes on, it may cause the defrag to pause or even stop. It just slows the whole process down.

You may even get some type of an error message telling you that the defrag could not continue because something restarted the defrag (which would be the screen saver). To prevent this from happening, right click anywhere on your desktop and select Properties. Once there, choose the Screen Saver tab and in the Wait minutes: space, change the time to around 60 minutes. (You can go even higher than that, but a normal defrag should be done within 60 minutes). Click OK when you’re done.

Once you do that, you can go in and run the defrag. Only this time, nothing will interfere with the process and everything will be A OK! When the defrag is done, you can go back into your screen saver settings and change it back to the wait time you had before and you can go on enjoying your beautiful screen saver!

~ Erin