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One Sentence At A Time Please

One Sentence At A Time Please

Ever find yourself trying to highlight just one sentence?

What are you doing?

Trying to drag the cursor to just the “perfect spot” to get it all but not too much?

Or maybe you’re using Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys to get one word at a time?

Did you click at the beginning of the sentence, hold down the shift key and then carefully click at the end of the sentence?

These all work – but would you like a faster way?

Yes – I’m sure you do. (Who wouldn’t want the fastest way to get the job done right?)

Next time you need just one sentence highlighted try this combination:

Ctrl + click

I tried this in many programs and found that it worked in both MS Word and PowerPoint.

Ctrl + click. You should get just the one sentence you clicked over, including the punctuation, with nothing extra.

No fuss, no muss!