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One Time Secret

Got a secret? Need to share it with just one person? Well now you can with One Time Secret – the site that allows you to send a self-destructing e-mail to protect the secret you are sharing!

Sometimes you have to share private information like a password, or a link with people you trust. Now you can do it securely through One Time Secret.  

Originally I thought, “oh I won’t ever need something like that”. But then a friend asked to see my yarn stash on Ravelry, and the only way she could view it was if I shared my account information with her.  I didn’t mind sharing the information (I trust her with my life, and it’s unique to that site), but I wanted to do it securely. Enter One Time Secret! I typed my information into the blank text box and clicked the Create a Secret Link button.

This generates a link that you can share with the person who you want to view the message. I sent her the link, and she was able to get the information and view the yarn I had on hand for the project we had been discussing. Because I’m not trusting, after she had viewed my yarn (thus I knew she had viewed the link) I tried opening the link again to see if it really gets rid of the information. And indeed it did! It informed that either the secret had already been viewed or it never existed. It’s just that easy to use!

Be sure to check out the FAQ beneath the application as it answers many questions you might have like why you should use it and how it’s really private. It also explains the different account levels. You need an account to e-mail the links directly but don’t have to have one if you want to just generate a one time use link.

So will you share a secret message that will self destruct after being viewed? 

https://onetimesecret.com/ [1]