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One big grouse of  Samsung Android phones is the lack of syncing Outlook with your phone contacts. Yes, there is Kies Air, which works like Apple’s iTunes, but you can only backup your phone contacts to Outlook, and not the other way around. Thankfully, there is one good, free app out there that lets you do it effortlessly – it’s called OneMediaHub.

Here is how you go about it:

1. Go to Google Play [1], the Android marketplace, and search for ‘OneMediaHub’ (no space).

2. Install the app.

3. Go on your desktop and sign up at One Media Hub [2]. This will allow you to sync with your Outlook Contacts.

4. Now, open the app on your phone and hit the refresh button. Your Outlook contacts will appear in your all-in-one contacts list. 

Note: You must have Wi-Fi, USB cable or cellular data connection for this part to work.


Warning: Don’t delete the app from your phone once your Outlook Contacts are synced, otherwise all your synced data will vanish and only your SIM and phone contacts will remain.

Congratulations! All your Outlook contacts, calendar events and task events are synced with your phone. 

~Zahid H Javali