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Yesterday you mentioned a program called Onfolio. Can you please tell me more about it?

I sure can. That is no problem whatsoever! Here you go!

When I told you about the Windows Live Toolbar, I introduced you to a program called Onfolio. Onfolio is a bookmark manager. It allows you to save links of Web sites in folders called collections. It also allows you to easily save Web sites to your computer. With Onfolio, if a certain Web site is deleted from the Internet, you will still have a copy. In this tip, I’ll explain more in depth on how to use Onfolio.

First off, you need to download the Windows Live Toolbar. To read about the toolbar and where you can download it, check out the past issues of WorldStart’s Computer Tips newsletter.

Okay, now that you’ve downloaded the toolbar, you’re ready to go! First, you need to open the Onfolio sidebar. You can either press the Onfolio button on the toolbar, or press F8. To add links to Onfolio, you need to click the add button on the sidebar (looks like this: ) or press F9. Then you should see this box appear:

Here, you can choose your options on how to save any particular Web site. At the top of the screen, choose the collection you would like to save it in. To create a new collection, press the icon that looks like this: . After you have selected a collection, choose a sub folder below. To add a new folder press this button: .

Choose what you want to name the file and if you want to write a short description of it, you can do that as well. Now, this next part is important. Decide whether you want to save a link to the file or actually save a copy of that site on your hard drive. If you do the latter part and if it’s ever deleted, you will have a backup copy. Hit the Save button and you’re all done.

You can also copy little “snippets” of text to Onfolio. Just highlight the text and drag it on to your sidebar. The same box will appear. You can then choose if you would like formatting (boldface, italics or underlining) on the text or not. Press Save and voila, you have a snippet!

As I mentioned in the Windows Live Toolbar tip, you can also use Onfolio to manage your RSS feeds. To do so, all you need to do is go to a site with an RSS feed available. The icon on your toolbar should flash. Click it, follow the instructions and you’ll be finished with the set up in no time. To view your feeds, just press the Feeds tab on the Onfolio sidebar. If you want to try the RSS feature, try adding the RSS feed on this page.

The last thing I’ll show you is how you can share your collections with others. Press either the button or Alt + U and you’ll see all of the options available for sharing your Web pages. You can post them to your blog or even e-mail them to someone. Just select the e-mail option and follow the instructions on screen.

That’s just the beginnings of what you can do with Onfolio. Check it all out here!

~ Neil Patel