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Online Credit Reports: Scam Or Not?

Lyn from IN writes:

Can you give us a list of reputable credit report web sites? There are so many out there, and I was told not all of them are legit.

Getting a credit reports is a great idea if you want to verify the accuracy of information credit reporting companies¬†posses, and to make sure no one’s using your identity to open up accounts under your name. However, if you do an Internet search for “credit report”, chances are you’ll get hundreds of thousands of results. Which are legitimate and which are scams designed to steal your personal information?


The US Government felt it was so important that consumers review their credit report once a year that it required the 3 major providers of credit reporting services (Equifax, Transunion and Experian) to set up an official website for consumers to go to. 

https://www.annualcreditreport.com/ [1] is the official website recommended to receive this free annual report.

Be warned though! Just because the report is free doesn’t mean the providers won’t offer to sell you additional services like identity monitoring, credit score numbers or detailed record searches. You do not need to signup for any service or pay any fee to use annualcreditreport.com [1] once a year, so read the options carefully as there will also be a no thank you, not today or decline option for paid additional services.

Review your credit report carefully from all 3 credit reporting agencies and verify the information is accurate. Each credit reporting agency will have its own discrepancy dispute form to fill out if you find any inaccuracies and contact information for any creditor which shows a balance or account which you did not open or charge.

The 3 credit reporting agencies websites are:

Equifax: http://www.equifax.com/ [2]

TransUnion:http://www.transunion.com/ [3]

Experian: http://www.experian.com/ [4]