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Online Games

There are plenty of times when we want to play games but are unable to install them, due to a lack of hard drive space, or perhaps because the computer belongs to an employer. After all,when free time is available at the office, good old solitaire can keep your interest for only so long. So today, let’s talk about a couple of sites where you can while away your valuable productive office time playing games.

The first site is called Kongregate [1] The games on this website are all playable in your browser using the flash plugin. Featured games are shown at the top of the page, followed by new games and the highest rated games.

You can also browse games by category. The categories include, Action, Multiplayer, Shooter, Adventure & RPG, Sports & Racing, MMO, Strategy & Defense, Puzzle, and Music & More.

Kongregate doesn’t require you to sign up to play games, but there are a few advantages to signing up.When you sign up, the website tracks scores in all the games you play, which is important if you want to boast to everyone in the office about your awesome mahjong score. Second, you get to be a part of the online forum where you can discuss games strategies and related banter with other players online. Also, you can take part in many competitions being held at the website, which occasionally even offer cash prizes.

The second website is called Armor Games [2],which is pretty much based on the same concept, except that the games on this website are different than the ones on Kongregate They boast a healthy online community as well as a wide range of games.

One advantage this website has is, that the games of your interest can not only be searched through a lengthy catalog, but can also be shortlisted, using a tag cloud. Again, you don’t need to sign up as a user, however, the quick sign up process allows you to track scores and be a part of the online community.

Both the game sites categorize games under different genres like action, sports, puzzles etc. If you want, you can go directly to the top rated games section to see which are the most popular games on the website.

Both of these sites offer enough to allow you to waste the next 2 years slacking off and playing games. These sites are not cluttered with ads and don’t install any malware or spyware on your computer. So, all in all, they provide clean healthy fun. Go check out these websites if you like playing games, but don’t want to install them on your computer.

~Yogesh Bakshi