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Online Music

Online Music

We haven’t updated you on free online music in awhile, so I thought I would go ahead and do that today. I’m sure you all know that free online music is hard to come by these days, but lucky for all of us, there are a few places you can still use to access it. Of course, there are more Web sites that make you pay to get music, but let me fill you in on a couple secrets!

While I was researching this article, I found a couple I didn’t even know about. Probably one my favorite music sites is Yahoo’s! Music Launchcast. It is basically a radio station right from your computer. You can pick your favorite genre of music and just listen for hours on end. Once you get to the site, you can just click on the Radio Station Guide link and then just pick the type of music you want to listen to and click on it. A little radio window will pop up on your screen and it will play various songs from that genre until you turn it off.

Launchcast is a Yahoo! program, but you don’t even have to have a Yahoo! ID to be able to use it. Although, if you do have one, you will have access to even more options, such as customizing your own radio station, setting your own preferences, etc. Another cool thing you can do with a Yahoo! ID is rate the music that plays on your personalized radio station. If you don’t like a song it plays, you can either rate it badly or just ban it altogether. If you really like a song, it will stay on your list, as well as, play other songs by that particular artist. Launchcast plays a variety of music from today and the past. It’s a great supplier of music with all of the choices right at your fingertips.

You can also use Launchcast while you use Yahoo’s! Messenger. It will dock on your buddy list window and you can listen to music while you chat. And if you don’t like a song, just skip to the next one. It doesn’t get any better than that, now does it?! Check out Launchcast here [1]. Keep in mind that there is a Music Unlimited option for a fee each month, but you don’t have to get that to listen to the music. You can listen for free still, so don’t get caught in that trap.

Another way of listening to your favorite music is through here [2].

Another little tidbit that some of you may not know about is that some radio stations that you listen to in your home or in your car allow you to listen right from their Web sites. Many of them these days have live feed and you can listen to the radio broadcast on your computer. Listen while you’re at work (if you’re allowed) or listen while you work on a major project on your PC. If you have a favorite radio station, look up their Web site and search through everything to see if they offer the live broadcast option. If so, just click on it and start listening! It’s so simple to hear your favorite music all day long.

Okay, I have one more for you and this one is just as cool as the others. It is called Pandora. We have featured this in our cool sites section before, but I thought I would mention it again. You can go to this Web site, type in the name of an artist or a song and it will not only play that song for you, but it will play similar songs to it. So, if you like the Beatles, you can listen to their music, but Pandora will also play songs by The Beach Boys, for example and other similar bands. It’s like listening to all your favorite music without having to search for certain bands or songs.

You can sign up to be a member of Pandora as well. You don’t have to log in if you’re a first time user, but if you think you’ll be visiting a lot, you can click on the Login link to register. That way, you’ll have even faster access to your music the next time you visit. Check it out here [3].

So, how does all that sound, you music lovers? I know I’m excited to use all of these, because I love listening to music while I work. It puts me in a good mood and helps get me through the day. So, what are you waiting for? Go listen to your favorite music for free!

~ Erin