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Online School for Weather

Would you like to learn about how weather is forecast and why weather works the way it does? Well today’s site can teach you all about it in just eight lessons. 

Navigation is easy! They start you right off in the first lesson, which is an introduction. From there, you can either click the link beside the word Next to head onto lesson two or you can click Lesson Two from the left side menu. As you go through the lessons, be sure to pay attention so you can answer the questions in Lesson Nine: Review. 

Lesson One introduces you to what radar is, when doppler radar was created, and gives you few interesting facts to whet your appetite for more knowledge.

Lesson Two covers how radar works in detail with two great examples (Beam Me Up and Volume Coverage Patterns: Turn It Up) that allow you to further explore the topic. 

Lesson Three examines how the National Weather Service (NWS) Radar functions on the web. 

Lesson Four takes a look at NWS Radar images and how to analyze them with several in-depth examples for you to check out.

Lesson Five focuses on a different type of radar called RIDGE (Radar Integrated Display with Geospatial Elements) and what role it plays in the NWS forecasts.

Lesson Six hones in further on RIDGE images and how they are downloaded for examination.

Lesson Seven explains how the RIDGE images are imported in GIS software. 

Lesson Eight is a very handy FAQ section where you can find answers to a lot of the questions you may have thought up while exploring the previous seven lessons. 

Lesson Nine is a quiz that tests your knowledge of the subject you just thoroughly explored. 

I think that this site and its explanation of how weather radar works makes watching the weather more comprehensible. Check it out today and then challenge yourself with the review quiz! 

http://forecast.weather.gov/jetstream/doppler/doppler_intro.htm [1]