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Only Piano

This site is wonderful. For anyone who likes to listen to piano music, or plays the piano, this site is for you. My favorite section is “Only Piano” where you can listen to piano music 24 hrs. a day. You’ll need to download the Live365 player (which is free) to listen to this free music station. I’ve been using Live365 for two years and love it.

My next favorite is the “Resources” section. This is where you can learn all about the history of pianos. Here you can learn about everything from the early Piano Fortes to the Grand Pianos of today. “Cristofori’s ‘gravicembalo col piano e forte’ was designed after the pattern and usage of the harpsichord to meet the demands of the ever more technical keyboard literature.”

If you are looking to learn to play the piano, or you have a child that is interested in it, you should check out “Piano Instruction”. This is a compiled listing of Piano Instructors and may make it easier for you to find one near you. It also has some sites where you can find all the information to start teaching yourself the basics.

Should you decided to check out the Pianist section in “Resources” you will find a world wide listing of pianists. It was very interesting to check out some of the biographies on them.

The “News” section will give you all kinds of interesting news on the piano. Like upcoming piano artists, reviews, Broadway news, kind of like a newspaper for the musical world. I found some of the stories very interesting so you’ll probably want to browse here as well.

Explore at your own pace, check out the information in the resources section while you listen to some brilliant piano music, enjoy!

http://www.onlypiano.com/ [1]