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Oops, That’s Not What I Meant To Do!

Oops, That’s Not What I Meant To Do!

Have you ever been working in MS Excel and found that you’ve changed the contents of the wrong cell?

If you’ve accidentally done this (and I know you have, because we all do), you probably noticed that the previous contents of the cell are gone once you begin to type.

This leads us to the next logical question: What do you do to recover the original contents?

Well, there are probably a lot of options, but two of them seem to be the quickest.

One way would be to use the Undo feature. You can either click the Undo button:

Or, you could us Ctrl + Z in place of the button.

This is what you have to do after you’ve already hit the Enter key and made the changes to the cell complete.

But, if you’re still in the cell and the accidental changes aren’t complete, you could use a one button solution. Simply hit the Esc key.

You should find that whatever changes you were in the process of making are gone and the cell has been returned to its original content.

Presto. Mistake erased!

~ April