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Open Browser Search Results in a New Tab

Okay. About the Back button.

I use it as much as the next person, it’s no big deal. I forget to write something that was on a previous page and need to go Back, I need to check something on a previous page and need to go Back, I feel like wasting time so I just click the Back button – and then the Forward button – and then the Back button for the fun of it…there are many reasons to use the Back button. (Please note that I am only talking about browsers here, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc. and not a Windows folder.)

I have no problem with going Back. Except it does get kind of old when I am searching for something. You type in a search term and then you click on a link that interests you. Then you have to go Back to the original search results page.

You click on another link that interests you and then you have to go Back.

You click on another link …You get the picture. Like I said, no big deal. But what if you could have the Search Results right there, so you can click on any result that you like, without having to go Back?

The search engines have made it so that you can have a separate window pop up with the search results so that all you have to do is just go to the other window instead of going Back. For the top three search engines, here’s how:

Google Search:

Go to Google.com [1]. Look for the little gear at the top right of your screen (under the little X where you close out your browser, next to where it says Sign in). Click on that little gear and then left-click on Search settings.


After you left-click on Search settings, you are presented with a screen that says Global Preferences at the top of the left side. If you keep going down the left side under that heading, you will see Interface language, Search language, Location, etc. Go all the way to the bottom option where it says Results Window and put a check mark in the box next to Open search results in a new browser window.

If you look to the very right, a little under the bottom line, you will see a Save Preferences button. Left-click on that to save the change you just made.

After you left-click on Save Preferences, a box will pop up, confirming that you did indeed change the preferences. Left-click on OK.

Here’s what you get when you search now:

For this example, I typed search engines in the search bar and clicked on Search. The results came up, and Dogpile was at the top. I left-clicked on it. Dogpile popped up, and this time the original search results stayed in the original window. I did not have to go Back, I could simply alternate between the two windows.

Yahoo Search:

Go to Yahoo.com [2]. In the middle of the screen at the top, there is a search bar. Above that are six headings that look kind of like this:

Web Images Video Local Shopping More

Left-click on the little down arrow right next to More (the last one on the right). You’ll get a drop-down list of a lot of general terms to search for; the top one is Answers, and then there’s Finance, Sports, etc. Go to the bottom, and there is a line that separates the search terms from three different types of settings (it’s called a separator, go figure). In the bottom section under the line, you’ll see All Search Services, Advanced Search, and Preferences. Left-click on Preferences.

After you left-click on Preferences, you get a screen that has Search Preferences at the top. Go down the list of options on the left (actually they are almost to the middle of the page). There is Search Assist, Search Pad, etc. and then at the bottom you will see Display and Layout. Directly across from that – over to the very right – is Edit. Left click on that. (Note: In the screen shot below, you can see that Open results in a new window has No after it. This is why we have to click on Edit. If it says Yes on your preferences page, then you already have the two window searches option enabled.)

After you left-click on Edit, the page (screen) changes again (it still has Search Preferences at the top). Underneath the Search Preferences heading, if you are not signed in, Yahoo starts to hyperventilate and wants you to do so. If you don’t have an account with Yahoo, please disregard this warning. Your search results will save anyway.

This is the Display and Layout page. Directly under Display and Layout, you’ll see New Window, and then directly under that is Open search results in a new window when I click on them. Put a check mark in the box next to it, and then left-click on Save (it’s on the right side).

After you click on Save, you now have the same two windows search that I just did with Google (above).

I went back to Yahoo.com and typed in search engines. The first link on the search results page is Google. I left-clicked on it, and the Google page popped up, and the search results page stayed right with it.

Bing Search:

Go to Bing.com [3]. At the very right of the screen – under the little X you close out with and the navigation/address bar (like Google has) – you will see Sign in, United States (that’s in my screen shot below) and Preferences. Left-click on Preferences.

After you left-click on Preferences, a new page (screen) will show Bing Preferences at the very top left, and under the orange-lettered word Preferences, you will see the General Settings heading, and a little way farther down is Web Settings with a very faint line underneath. Directly underneath the line it says Results; go down a few lines to the right of it until you see Open links in a new browser window.

Put a check mark in the box next to that.

Now go to the very right of your screen and you will find the Save button across from General Settings at the top (right), or go to the right of the screen at the very bottom, and you will find the Save button in the very bottom right corner. Save is in orange in both areas.

And here are the results:

No more back button. Not that it was a major thing anyway, but it sure is nice not having to use it so much.

~ Lori Cline