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Open File Location in Process Explorer

Victoria asks:

This tip (Open File Location in Task Manager) [1] doesn’t work on my XP computer. Is there any other way to do this?

Victoria, yours was one of many requests from XP users in response to that article. Unfortunately, the Open File Location feature described was introduced in Vista, so it’s not available in XP. However, a file location can be opened in XP using Process Explorer [2]; a lightweight, multi-featured (and free) task manager utility.

The download is a zip file, which will have to be unzipped to access the application. For this, I recommend 7-Zip [3].

Once unzipped, double click on the extracted application file, named procexp.exe or, if your file extensions are hidden as the ones below are, look for procexp.


To find the folder location, scroll down the Process column, right click on a file, and select Properties. Since Process Explorer was running, its location was tracked for this demonstration, but this will work for any running process.


In the Properties dialog box, under the Image tab, right click the directory location in the Current Directory: field and choose Select All from the context menu. Then copy the location (keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C).


Open Run, again using a keyboard shortcut, Win+R (hold the Windows key and tap the R key). In Run, paste the copied directory address (keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+V).


Click OK, and you’re taken to the same location that the Task Manager article described.


This procedure may seem a little complicated at first but, after it’s been done a couple times, it’s a snap. If you’d just like a quick glance at a location, but don’t need to be taken there, Process Explorer also provides mouse-over tooltips. Just hold the cursor over a file name to reveal its location.


For quick access, create a shortcut by right clicking on the file and following the path, Send To > Desktop (create shortcut).


Thanks for the question, Victoria. You can download Process Explorer here [2].