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Open ID

Open ID

Another reader asks: As an extension to your Secure Passwords article, would you discuss the Open ID concept? Some examples would really be helpful. (In order to see how they work, I have gone to several Open ID enabled Web sites and navigated through their sign up processes. I didn’t see anything special, but then again, I also backed out before I actually created an account).

Great question! When I first saw a Web site that used the Open ID system, I had questions too. So, here you go! Here is some information on the Open ID system.

The general idea of the Open ID system is to allow people to use one username and password for several Web sites. This allows for customers to have access to the different sites without the need of creating a separate username, profile and password for each site individually.

Currently, there are 471 Web sites that support the Open ID system. So, there is a chance you may already have an Open ID and not even know it! When you visit one of the sites that supports Open ID and create a username and password, you have automatically created an Open ID for yourself.

You can visit this Web site [1] to see a list of sites that currently support the Open ID system.

Now, this does relate very closely to last week’s article about secure passwords. With systems such as the Open ID network, it is very important to have a strong password. Since your ID can be used on several different Web sites, if someone got ahold of your password, they would have access to all of those sites, including all of your personal profile information. Making sure you use strong passwords should always be a priority, but with the Open ID system, it’s even more important.

If you’re interested in getting an Open ID or finding out even more information about it, you can visit the official Open ID Web site right here [2]. Until next time, stay safe out there, my friends!

~ Gary