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Open Links in New Tabs With One Click

Have you ever had a list of links you wanted to open all at one time? If you’re like me, you’re always right-clicking, choosing “Open in a new tab,” moving to the next link, right-clicking, choosing “Open in a new window,” moving to the next link–oops! Darn, I chose window instead of tab–closing the window, going back, right-clicking, clicking on “Open in a new window,” moving to the–d’oh! I did it again!– Going back, right-clicking…. It gets pretty tiresome, especially when you have 2,497,685 Google search results to dig through.

Well, I have a fab solution for you. First, ditch Internet Explorer and get Firefox [1]. Enough said. Second, install a Firefox add-on named Multi Links [1] by Grizzly Ape. You’ll love how easy it opens all of your links into new tabs by simply right-clicking and dragging.

Here’s how it works:

1. Access a page on the internet on which you want to open more than one link. I’m using a list of search results to demonstrate below, but you may use this feature on any webpage with multiple links. The only caveat is that the links must be next to each other.

2. When you’ve accessed the page, right-click–don’t let it go!–and drag your cursor over the list of links you want to open. Notice the picture below.

– The green dotted line indicates the area you are covering.
– The red boxes indicate links that will be opened when you let off of the mouse button.


3. After you have selected all of the links you want to open–and note, you can’t choose just some links and omit others–let go of your mouse button. The links will all open in new tabs of the current window, as shown in the image below.


That’s it! Now your links are all open in one window and available for you to view.

~Karen Powers Liebhaber