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Open Office: Insert Today’s Date

Recently a reader sent in a question looking for an easy way to enter today’s date in a worksheet cell.

Good question.

I first went looking for something as simple as a quick key combination – but alas, I did not find one.

But as I researched the issue I did find something that isn’t too time consuming.

As you might expect, it’s a formula, but a simple one that you just can’t forget.

To insert the current date in a Calc worksheet cell use

=Today( )

(I actually found that it would work with our without the space between the parenthesis – you choose.)

Now, as a bonus, I also ran across the formula for the current date and time.

=Now( )

I didn’t find one for just the current time but I did find that if I used the Now formula in a cell formatted for a time then just the time was given.

There you go – an easy way to mark your OpenOffice Calc worksheets as being in the “Here & Now”… or maybe I should say the “Today & Now”.