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The Open Office Presentation Wizard

OpenOffice Impress: To Wizard or To Not Wizard

When you start your first presentation in OpenOffice Impress you’re going to be faced with a decision:

Use the presentation wizard or not?

Basically, do you want help setting a few things up before the presentation is created or do you want to start with a completely blank sheet?

If you choose to use the wizard then you’ll simply need to follow the steps and click Next when you’ve made your choices for a particular step.

Step 1: What do you want to start with… an empty presentation, a template or open an existing presentation.


Assuming that you didn’t open an already existing presentation we’re then off to Step 2: Choose a background and tell Impress what type of output you’re looking for when you’re done.


Step 3: Set a slide transition (or none at all) and decide the presentation type (manual or an automatic timed show).


Click Create.

Voila! A new presentation is created with your specifications.

Now, obviously, you can skip some of the settings and you most definitely can choose to change things later. All of it can be altered while you work just as though you’d started with a blank presentation.

In fact, if you don’t want the wizard to bother you every time you go into Impress then select the “Don’t show this wizard again” checkbox on Step 1 (below the preview) and click Create.


You’ll get a blank presentation every time you open Impress from that point on, however, you can access the wizard through the File menu anytime you’d like to use it. (File menu, Wizards sub-menu, Presentation choice)

So it’s up to you… do you wizard or not?

~ April