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Open Office: Switching From One to Another

Here’s a handy little trick I stumbled across during my OpenOffice explorations…

When you use the OpenOffice icon to start the programs, you get the main screen where you choose which type of file to work with.


But what if you’re already working on a file in Writer, but also want to start a new Impress file?

Do you have to start over with the main screen?

Do you have to use the Start menu to go to the OpenOffice group and choose the Impress program from there?

No seems like a good answer for both of them, so we’ll go with that.

What I have to suggest instead is using the program that you currently have open to get to the others.

This isn’t something you could do with Microsoft Word & PowerPoint, so it may not have even occurred to you, but it’s here and it’s very, very easy.

The first button on the Standard toolbar for each program is the New button.


Each program starts with one that looks different from the others, because it’s set to give you a new file for the program you’re currently working with. (The example above is for a new document in the Writer program.)

But if you need to open something different, click the down-arrow on the right side of that button.


You’ll find that you’ve got a list of options, including the ability to start a new file in any of the other programs.

No starting over, no Start menu, no problems!