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Open Office: Where are the Pictures?

Have you tried to insert a picture or two into a document yet?

I bet you went to the Insert menu, Picture choice and then found this:


From file or from a scan?

Doesn’t OpenOffice have something to offer?

Yes – it does but it’s not there that you’ll find them.

OpenOffice keeps pictures in the Gallery, which can be displayed with either the Tools menu or the Gallery button on the Standard toolbar.


Once you’ve displayed the Gallery you should be looking at this:


It’s here that you’ll find what came with OpenOffice.

On the left are the categories – called Themes in OpenOffice.

Choose a Theme and you’ll find the choices displayed on the right.

To use something from the Gallery simply click and drag it into your document.

That’s really all there is to it.

You can click the Gallery button again to close it if you want the space back.

I’ll admit right now that the selection seems limited to me but we’ll work on that problem later, right now it’s time to explore what we’ve got and then we’ll move forward from there.

~ April