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OpenOffice Full Screen Mode

Are you a person who primarily uses keyboard shortcuts instead of the toolbars and menus?

Want a little more viewing space for your documents?

If the answer is yes & yes then here’s a quick way to maximize what you see while you work.

The feature we’re using is the Full Screen mode.

It takes the normal program window like this:


… and turns it into this:


As you can see there’s well… lots more to see!

You can access the Full Screen mode via the View menu (one of the last entries on the list) and Ctrl + Shift + J works just fine too.

You might be interested to know that while in Full Screen mode, you can access your menus with the Alt key combinations just like always.

If you use Alt + F you’ll open the File menu where you can then use up & down arrow keys to navigate through the menu and the Enter key to select an item. You can also use the left & right arrows to navigate into sub-menus and to jump from one menu to another. (File menu to Edit menu to View menu, etc…)

To exit the Full Screen mode either use the Esc key or click the button on the Full Screen floating toolbar that opened when you entered the Full Screen mode.


There you have it – if you’re already pretty much free of using the toolbars and menus with the mouse then why not use as much display space as possible?

Sounds like a good idea to me!

~ April