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OpenOffice.org: A Handy ClipArt Extension from Clker.com

Today I’d like to share with you an extension I found that will ease the pain of using ClipArt from the web.

Specifically, this extension is for the site Clker.com [1] which has a ton of royalty free, public domain clipart.

It’s a pretty easy add-on to use… you go to Clker.com [1], sign up for a free account and add a picture to your basket.

Then, once an image is in your basket you can go straight to OpenOffice.org programs and use the add-on to access what you put into the basket without actually downloading the image.

The Clker extension will copy the image to your clipboard so it can be pasted wherever you need it.

Of course, if you like it so much that you want to keep it, then you can always download it from the Clker.com [1] site, but if it’s a one-time deal, then put it in your basket, use it in a file and then clean it out of the basket.

At any rate, if you’re interested then you need to start by downloading the extension from the OpenOffice.org Extensions collection.

Officially, you’re looking for the clker.com openoffice.org addon [2]

(Yeah, not a great name, but whatever – as long as it gets the job done!)

Once at the extension page, download and install the extension.

If you had OpenOffice.org open before the installation, then you’ll need to close and re-start it in order for it to show up.

You’ll see your extension in the form of a small toolbar like this:


Before we can actually use the extension we’ll have to go to Clker.com [1] to login or sign up for a free account. (Check the upper-right corner of the site to do this.)

Once you’ve logged into the site, it’s time to find an image.

You’ll have to feel your way around the site, but there’s lots to choose from.

When you’ve chosen an image there is a string of icons below it…


Click the green plus sign to add it to your basket.

Now we’re off to OpenOffice.org.

On the add-on toolbar click the Clker Gallery button.

When the window opens enter the email address you used to set up your Clker.com [1] account and click Refresh.


Use the down arrow to access the items in your basket.


Choose one and click Copy to Clipboard.

Now it’s just a matter of pasting the image into your file!

That’s all there really is to it – a quick way to access the items in your Clker.com [1] basket without doing all the downloading stuff.

~ April