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OpenOffice.org: A True List of Recent Files

We’ve all used a program’s recent file list at one time or another… but what OpenOffice.org has to offer is a beyond a recent files list in any given program.

While each program does contain a recent file list so does the entire suite of programs.

By that I mean when you start OpenOffice.org and have the initial welcome screen you can access a recent files list that contains any OpenOffice.org file.

I don’t know if you’ve ever given it a second glance but that initial screen has an Open button in the bottom left corner.


If you put your mouse pointer over it then click and hold the mouse button you’ll find that a list of recent documents will be displayed allowing you to choose a file instead of a program to open.


I was able to get the list to expand to 10 files and they were the last 10 files I had worked on regardless of which part of the OpenOffice.org Suite of programs they belonged.

It must be noted that the click and hold part is important since a quick click on the Open button will bring up the Open dialog box instead of the list.

I think that this little gem has a lot of potential.

Instead of opening a particular program then using the File menu to access the file you can kill two birds with one stone – open the program & the file in one quick move.

I’m liking the simplicity of it!

~ April