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OpenOffice.org Calc: Avoiding the Delete Contents Dialog Box

If you’ve used OpenOffice.org Calc at all, I know that you’ve found the Delete Contents dialog box.


How could you not?

Every time you select a cell or range of cells and try to clear their contents you automatically hit the Delete button and that annoying dialog box appears.

Okay, so maybe you like this feature, but I find it annoying. I can see where it has its uses, but I rarely want them. I simply want to clear the contents of my cells and I’ve got to contend with this extra step in the process. Not exactly my idea of efficient.

With that in mind you’ve got to wonder how to get around it…

Well, wonder no more!

Next time you’re looking to clear the contents of a cell, start by selecting the cell.

Now hit the Backspace key.

Contents all gone!

As with any other trade-off on methods for completing a task, there is a difference in the result.

The Delete Contents dialog box allows you to choose what aspects of the cell to delete – including the formatting.

On the other hand you’ll find that the Backspace key removes the contents but leaves the cell formatting.

Good? Bad?

It’s really all about your own needs and perspective on the issue.

I for one am learning to use the Backspace key more often in OpenOffice.org Calc :)

~ April