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OpenOffice.org Calc: Could You Repeat That Please?

When we have a really long list of data it’s not uncommon for it to take more that one page to print it.

Of course, when the second page begins all your column headings are still on page 1… or in other words… useless.

Obviously the ideal situation is to have your column titles on each page and to accomplish that I’ve seen people use a variety of “creative” methods.

The most painful of these methods would have to be the physical insertion of the title row at the beginning of where each printed page will begin.

Yeah, with a bit of work it gets the job done… for the first printing… but when you edit the list those titles are going to be in the wrong places!

As with other spreadsheet software there is an easy way to get the program to place your title row on each page automatically as it prints. So no matter how much editing you do – add 30 rows of data – remove 15 rows of data – whatever, your title are always just where they should be.

When going in search of the way to tell Calc which rows to repeat I naturally went looking for the equivalent of Excel’s  Page Setup since that’s where it is found there.

No luck.

Time to do some research.

I did find what we need but it was with the Print Ranges settings… so now that we know where to look let’s get started.

Print Ranges is found in the Format menu.


From its sub-menu choose Edit.

The Edit Print Ranges dialog box will open – we’re interested in the 2nd and 3rd rows of settings.


The middle row will allow you to set which rows to repeat at the top of each page.

The center field is where we’ll enter the rows for repetition. You can either type them in

$first row number:$last row number

…or simply use the mouse to drag a cell selection to include the necessary rows and let Calc insert the information for you.

The 3rd line of the dialog box will do the same thing for you except it repeats columns on each page.

Once the information is complete click OK.

That’s all there is to it.

Try the Print Preview and you’ll find that at the top of each page your column titles are there but only physically in your spreadsheet once.

Tell Calc which rows and it will place the data after the titles page after page after page.

~ April