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OpenOffice.org Calc: Filter, Copy and Paste Your Data Simultaneously

Often when we filter data it’s to use that data subset somewhere else… so we filter, select the set of data, copy it, move to the new location then finally finish up with a paste.

All of which works perfectly, but what if we could have Calc copy and paste the data automatically after it runs the filter?

Sounds like a plan to me – especially since it only takes a few tweaks to the filter settings to get the extra work done.

Since we can all come up with the “why we should know this” it’s time to look at the how.

You start the same as you would any filter process… select the data then Data menu / Filter / then choose a filter.

Once in the Filter dialog you’ll need to set the usual criteria but instead of using the OK button at this moment click the More button.


When your additional options are presented you’ll find one to “Copy results to…


Below that option there are two fields. The left one will let you select a named cell range or use the right one to set a cell address for the copied data.

Whatever you choose when you click OK the results of the filter will show in the original data set location and also be copied then pasted into the indicated location.

There you have it… filter, copy and paste all from a single dialog box!

~ April