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OpenOffice.org Calc: Removing Blank Rows From Your Data

It’s not uncommon to have a worksheet containing a whole lot of data that was either created by someone else or imported from some other source.

Much to our dismay it’s also not uncommon to have blank lines throughout that long, long list of data, and when you want the data kept in the order it is, sorting and deleting them is out of the question.

Removing them manually can be a very time consuming, headache generating and all around frustrating experience, but what’s the alternative?

Fortunately for all of us there is an alternative found within Calc’s Standard Filter feature.

I know that you’re interested, so let’s get right to business:

The general plan is to filter out all blank rows, delete them then turn the filter off.

With that in mind, begin by selecting all rows of data.

Now we’re off to the Data menu / Filter / Standard Filter.

In the Filter dialog box set the column value equal to “empty“.

oooc_standfilter_emptyvalue [1]

You can set the filter to find records that have multiple columns empty using the extra filtering fields below the first one. (If the first column will designate it as an empty row then there’s no need to add anything to the first line.)

Click OK.


You’re long list has been reduced to a shorter list where each line is blank.

oooc_emptyrows [2]

Yeah, I know it looks like the list is gone, but look at the row number carefully…

As you can see the row numbers are not consecutive since only the empty rows are displayed.

Select the rows and then delete them.

Turn off the filter. (Data menu / Filters / Remove Filter)


Your non-empty rows are now visible and condensed but still in the same order… exactly what we were hoping to find!

~ April