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OpenOffice.org Calc: Shift and Ctrl Selecting Without Using the Keys

We all know the convenienceĀ of selecting cells (well… actually selecting anything…) using the Shift and Ctrl keys with the mouse.

Nothing’s better than using the Shift key to select large sections with a simple click at the beginning and then again at the end.

Just as useful is the Ctrl key during cell selection when non-continuous cells are the desired group.

However, just as adamant as some people are about reducing the amount of “mouse time” there are others who don’t want to have key combinations to memorize and would prefer to always have an option that comes from the mouse.

For those of you in the latter group… the mouse using group… here’s how you can get the Shift and Ctrl key type selections without actually using the keyboard.

Here’s all you need to know…

In the status bar you’ll find a section that indicates the type of selection currently activated.

oooc_selectiontype_statusbar [1]

You’re probably looking at the STD (standard mode of selection) which is your normal click and drag type of thing.

If you click that section of the status bar it will change to EXT (extension mode of selection). This is the type of selection process the Shift key produces.

The cell that you had selected when you turned this on is now an anchor point.

Click any other cell and the rectangular group of cells that would connect it to the initial cell is highlighted.

Finally, if you click the status bar again you’ll see that it switches to ADD (additional selection mode). This is the one that functions as though you were using the Ctrl key when you selected cells.

The cell(s) selected when you activated this mode will still still be selected.

From there any other cell or group of cells you select will be added to the group even if they are not continuous.

The third click on the status bar will return you to standard selection mode.

That’s all there is to it… a quick couple of strategically placed clicks and you can select cells as though you were using the Shift and/or the Ctrl keys without actually having to use them.

~ April