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OpenOffice.org Calc: Summing It All Up

Many times when we’re working with data in a spreadsheet we need to know the sum of a range of data.

To do that, we often will select a blank cell and write a sum formula that includes all cells to be included in the sum.

While that’s certainly not the worst thing you could have to do to get the information you need, it’s not necessarily the most efficient either.

Here’s a couple of suggestions for finding the sum of cells quickly.

No matter which method you prefer you’re going to have to begin by selecting all the cells that are to be included in the sum.

At this point I’d like to present you with two options:

  1. If you just want to view the sum and not actually keep it in your worksheet then take a look on the right side of your status bar. (Bottom of your program window.)


    See it? Yep – the sum of the selected cells is displayed for easy viewing… however, once the selection changes so does the sum that’s reflected there.

  2. For something a bit more permanent try using the Sum button located on the Formula Bar.


    A quick click of the Sum button and the entire formula to find the sum of the selected cells is created and placed in the cell just below the selected data.

    That’s right, it creates a formula in a cell so that the information stays and you still didn’t have to do the manual work of writing the formula.

That’s all there is to it… a sum of selected cells for your viewing pleasure without any hassle at all.

~ April