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OpenOffice.org: Did You Notice the Menu?

When OpenOffice.org opens we see this:


I’m willing to bet that many of you see this and make a choice from the center of the screen… I know that’s what I did at first.

However, if we all slow down for a second and take a real look we’d see that there are menus up in the left corner.


What I found that caught my attention the most is that if I was going to open a program… let’s use Writer as our example… and then turn around and start a wizard to create something like a letter or agenda, ┬áthen by using what’s available from the get go will avoid an entire step in the process.

Choosing the File menu / Wizard sub-menu then choosing a wizard from the list will start the wizard, walk you through the steps then start the appropriate program while creating the document.

One choice… both program and wizard started… I call that a time saver and I’m always open to knowing a new one of those!

~ April