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OpenOffice.org: Fixing Help Tips That Disappear Too Fast

We’ve all experienced times when we hover over a button on a toolbar and the Help Tip displays but then disappears so fast that we missed it.

Find yourself moving the mouse pointer off the button then back on it in an attempt to actually see what it said?

If you missed it that time… or have the longer tips set to display and only read part of it?

Try again… and again… and again.

Eventually you either give up or got the information.

Either way, it’s not the outcome it should be. It took too long or you didn’t get what you needed to begin with.

It’s at moments like these that we wish we could make the Help Tips stay displayed just a bit longer.

Sounds good to me, and apparently a few others since it is a setting we can adjust in the OpenOffice.org suite of programs.

We’ll be making the adjustment in the Options dialog box (Tools menu, Options choice) under the Accessibility section.


On the right, you’ll find a setting labeled as “Help tips disappear after” with a time field to the right.

At this point it’s obvious. Change the number of seconds to meet your needs.

Since this is an option with a check-box, you’ve got to be wondering what happens if you uncheck it

Just as you might expect, the Help Tips do not disappear at all. As long as your mouse pointer is over the item the tip is displayed.

Whether you choose to change the time or deactivate the feature altogether, click OK when you’re done.

Isn’t it nice when the help actually stays around long enough to actually be of some help?

~ April