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OpenOffice.org: Import and Export GoogleDocs

If you’ve got stuff out on the web in GoogleDocs, Zoho or WebDAV and wish to use them in OpenOffice.org programs then this is the extension for you!

After installing the OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs [1] extension you’ll be able to open, edit and save your documents from within OpenOffice.org.

The extension adds a small toolbar to your OpenOffice.org programs that looks like this:


It’s those 5 little buttons… the first 2 are for importing to and exporting from GoogleDocs.

The middle 2 buttons are for Zoho users and the last one is for exporting files to WebDAV.

The dialog boxes used for these actions are pretty self-explanatory however,┬álet’s take a minute to look at an example of what you’ll see when you try to import a GoogleDoc.


At the top you’ll enter your user name and password then click the Get List button in the center.

The bottom portion will be populated with your documents.


Select one then choose a method for accessing it on the right.

The document opens and you’re ready to get to work.

One more thing… the dialog boxes for all these actions are relatively the same so with a bit of practice you’ll have the hang of it in no time!

~ April